For 15+ years I've worked in health and personal development. I've taught 2000+ classes and events and In 2013 I helped launch Sanctuary Yoga, the only non-profit yoga studio in Austin, TX. I've completed 2000+ hrs of trainings and am a Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Life Coach. 

What I do
Who could you be in the next 90 days? It can be frustrating to try to get everything done in a day. It can be overwhelming to try to have the career, relationships and life that you really want. It can be defeating to try to get it all done day to day and figure it out as go. We need support. We need perspective. We need to know what important and where we're going. With a goal, our life has meaning. With a purpose, we get to appreciate each moment that moves us closer to it. Instead of wandering around aimlessly, instead of being at effect to life, we get to engage fully with each day and help create it with the people around us. 

Why 90 days? Because any shorter and we're just scratching the surface of our patterns, resistance, desires and motivations. Any longer than 90 days and we procrastinate, lose our way and feel unsuccessful. I have found 12 weeks to be the optimal amount of time to make consistent progress towards what we want, while staying inspired and seeing progress each day. This container builds energy and awareness. You get to learn where you get stuck and develop the skills to work through the resistance. You get to see what works and develop the skills to adapt, change, grow and evolve through challenges. We'll create a simple week-by-week program customized to you and meet every 2 weeks in person or over video chat. 

Sometimes there are specific challenges and goals that can be addressed in a single session. Maybe you're facing an important career or relationship decision. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious or unfocused. Maybe you are doing really well and want to keep improving and catch any blind spots. Single sessions are great to get you back on track with what's important to you and keep you there when you get going. 

I offer free first sessions where we dive deep into what you want, what's blocking you and how to have what you want. Interested? Sign up for a time here: