About Me

For 15+ years I've worked in health and personal development. I've taught 2000+ classes and events and In 2013 I helped launch Sanctuary Yoga, the only non-profit yoga studio in Austin, TX. I've completed 2000+ hrs of trainings and am a Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Life Coach. 

Jeremy did relationship coaching for my girlfriend and I, and it was fantastic. We were relatively young in our relationship and fighting a lot, and each time we met with Jeremy it was like all the choked up sludge we had would get washed through and what was left was a deep understanding we had with each other, and a lot of love.  Jeremy was extremely skilled in helping us slow down and actually understand each other, and also lovingly showed us where each of us could improve in our relationship, and become better people in the process.
— Julian R
I learned how to stop listening to my negative dialog, and to simply pursue my desires, not questioning or doubting if I’m worth them, simply persuing them. Looking at life more preciously and realizing there is always going to be pain, as it is necessary for love, so you might as well risk doing what you love anyways. I have more to gain than I have to lose.
— Taylor G

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Working with Jeremy Devens was an absolute joy! His ability to hold space with compassionate listening is perfectly juxtaposed with his ability to firmly, yet kindly, call you out on your shit. Jeremy’s intuitive observations, coupled with his sincere candor and support made him an excellent mentor and guide during a rough patch in my life. I feel blessed to have been one of his first mentees, and highly recommend his mentorship services.
— Norma B
I was searching for some guidance in my yoga and meditation practice and stumbled upon Jeremy through my favorite yoga studio. I joined his mentoring circle last year and received some very powerful instruction. The mentorship was fantastic and felt customized to my interests; and I came away with a very regular meditation practice!!! I connected with some really spectacular people as well which is worth.....everything. Truly beautiful experience! I feel grateful for every bit of it.
— Juli K

What I Do

I believe we all have something unique to offer. That's what I draw out in teaching yoga and coaching. Not who you *should* be, but who, in your heart, you could be. No one else can give that to you, but people can point you towards it or away from it. My job is to keep pointing you towards towards trusting yourself. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I cannot give you the map. No one can, and anyone who promises that is attempting to make themselves the authority over you.

It can be near impossible to stay connected to your vision of what you want. It can be frustrating to make a plan, try to get everything done, manage all your responsibilities and not seem to find time for the diet, exercise or rest you want in life. Far from luxuries, these things are the lifeblood of everything else. If we go through life without them, without meaning, we will end up dragging our bodies through the motions and end up on our death bed, wondering what could have been.

What if you could make it a game?

What if you could gain perspective  just a few degrees from what you currently see? 

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I began yoga in the back of the class, full of anxiety and feeling intimidated. Luckily, I had Jeremy as my first instructor. He was patient and gentle, and made me feel at ease. As I started to practice more, Jeremy was encouraging and helped me push through many mental barriers. I slowly began to make my way to the front of the room—not even giving it much thought—because I started to focus more on my internal and physical feelings rather than external thoughts. Jeremy’s overall demeanor and clear instruction kept me coming back and helped me grow stronger physically and mentally. No matter which style of class he teaches, they all have a peaceful rhythm and flow, leaving me feeling calm and centered. He’s intuitive and has talked me through challenges that have unconsciously prevented me from growing in confidence and acceptance. I am grateful to Jeremy for his support and willingness to share his gifts. 
— Rachel H
Jeremy has a calming presence. His yoga classes are both challenging and relaxing at the same time. He is a powerful listener. He skillfully points you in the direction of your own true Self without giving you his own personal opinions or advice. Once I was trying to decide whether to stay in a complicated relationship. He simply asked me “How does your body feel?”. I hadn’t slept in two weeks and was hunched over and in pain. By answering his simple but mindful question, I realized that the answer was simple as well.
— Andrea F
I did several weeks of couples coaching with Jeremy and one strength of his I saw early on is that he was able to listen deeply to the both of us and offer reflections and the perspective of the other without making either one of us wrong or taking sides. His questions supported us in finding our own responsibility in the situation and it felt so good to come to our sessions and receive the approval to and be as honest and real as we wanted to be.
— Michele W